Suicide Squid is set to be released on the 14th of April and the Joker is rolling up on some dreamy looking car that a lot of people want to get your hands on, let me tell you a little secret though it can be made for a price tag of 70,000 although its not cheap it can be done by using a Vaydor body kit as well as team of technicians that install and see the whole conversion process though using the Vaydor Body Kit, if you are just one of those people who just like to pay for the finish product there is a group of specialized builders that have already preformed several builds and are taking on clients fast so if you would like to get your Vaydor.

I think its time to get in line becuase the price is shortly going to rise check out the link below and go order you vaydor prices start at 70k

Vaydor  G35

Now with that being said lets take a look at the Vaydor and what it presents

its a 2 seater car that doesn’t really have any baggage room so making almost useless for going out and getting groceries

so if your planning on owning one that is going to be a long term down fall.




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