Exotic Cars have been just the tip of the iceberg when it come to living the exotic lifestyle but having the exotic car experience anyone can have and I will show you how, so you too can be a James Bond of your own.


Exotic car rental company’s can lend out exotic cars for a small fraction of the total price of the car usually its 1% of the total MSRP of the car, so your still looking at a good looking bill but its not that bad considering that owning the car would be much more hassle then anticipated

For example the insurance rates on most exotic cars are insane and they have to be becuase if that car gets into a car accident the parts are not cheap by no means and the insurance company’s have to compensate for that.

Next the maintenance is very similar with the price becuase the car is expensive and so are the parts so maintaining a v12 or even a v10 engine can be quite a bill because its nothing like your Toyota Corolla your used to driving.

Gas has to be one of the most talked about subjects to date, every time I drive up on my Ferrari 458 there is always that one person who ask what that thing get to the gallon? or how much gallons did it have to drink before you got here? Yes an exotic car is designed to go fast and yes it may eat way more gas then the average car but its so much fun when you put your foot on the accelerator and then go so fast… but be careful there is a limit to how fast you can go and anywhere after 100mph becomes dangerous and very unsafe. so be very cautious with the speed and try your best not to go over the speed limit even though its so hard to do these days if you own a exotic car


Speed: Speed is possibly the majority of the thrill of the exotic cars becuase once the gas pedal is down your are going to be attached to your seat and your going to stay there for the time being as long as the throttle is on full tilt. There are cars that have so much power when they accelerate like the Aventador and the Tesla P80D that make you feel powerless when you hit the throttle, literally its so hard to even lift your hand during the first few seconds of acceleration.

so if your ready for you next exotic car rental trip go rent out a Exotic car in Orlando and begin your adventure in Florida for your Spring Break.


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